Savas Savidis

  • Supports Parental Rights
  • Supports Education over Indoctrination
  • Conservative Community Values
  • 35 Years Business Experience
  • 25 Years Property Management Experience
  • 20 Years Govermental Committee Experience
  • 30+ Years Resident of Hardyston
  • Will fight to Remove Murphy's Over-Reaching Voice From Hardyston Schools
  • As a long-time active resident of Hardyston, with more than 35 years experience as a business owner and property manager, Savas can quickly identify issues preventing success - and find solutions producing success.

    Savas has the time, energy, resources and relationships with educational experts - many creating some of the best educational systems in our state - to dedicate towards developing a brighter academic future for our youth.

    Savas will insure Policy 5756 is completely repealed. As written, and as passed and maintained by local incumbents, parents are not informed of life altering events. This allows information to be hidden from parents. It allows biological boys into girls’ bathrooms, destroys young girls’ privacy and puts their safety at risk. It allows biological boys to compete in girls’ sports, effectively erasing hard-won opportunities earned by generations who fought for girls’ sports teams. Policy 5756 steals scholarships opportunities and ends paths towards achievement for these girls.

    As a BOE member, Savas will continue to fight for our families and promote excellence in education. Hardyston deserves leaders who will stand up for our children, give them the tools to be successful, and all within an environment which reflects the values of Hardyston families - not those of progressive partisan politicians.

    Savas Savidis helped create the "Recall Phil Murphy" Campaign, which registered thousands of Republicans to the voter roles.

    Whether it is for small businesses, schools, or other rights the politicians far away in Trenton wish to infringe on, Savas has fought for our rights statewide in many different arenas. Now Savas looks forward to fighting for the education of our hometown youth, on the Hardston Board of Education. Get back to teaching Math, Science, English and History not Trenton's Woke Agenda.

    Together, we will fight Trenton and the other destructive forces. We Must Make Education Great Again.

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    Tuesday, November 7th
    Hardyston Board of Education

  • Our Kids Belong To Their Parents Not To The State
  • No Sexualization Of Our Kids
  • Fundamental Education First